Nicholas H. Phelps, CFP® creates comprehensive financial plans that incorporate all or some of the following areas, as needed or desired by the client:
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment allocation
  • Education funding
  • Insurance analysis
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Monthly cash flow analysis
All financial plans and recommendations are customized for each client, based on their objectives, financial circumstances, and risk tolerance.  I do not sell any products; clients are free to implement recommendations through any broker or custodian of their choosing.  I will assist clients in implementing recommendations, if desired.

I primarily work with individuals and families, as well as small-business owners.  I do not have any requirements, such as minimum assets, for my clients.  The decision on whether to work together is made jointly during the initial interview where it is determined if my services are appropriate for the client.

Please see the Process page for more information.

Please see Phelps Financial Advisors Form ADV part 2 brochure for complete information: